Best and slowest alternative vehicle… ever

Alternative Vehicles, Alternative energy November 16th, 2010

Alternative energy vehicles

OK, I lied before, this here is definitely the best green energy solution! Who needs to pay for the high price of gas when you have HAY? This  gives true meaning to horse power, even though this is not technically a horse, it is still a a four legged beast pulling… not a cart, but a jeep. Ingenious! Think about it, you get all the luxury of a auto interior without having to worry about gas prices. Now you may have a few new worries such as the price of hay and this may put new meaning into such car issues as “a stubborn transmission” and “engine failure”.

best alternative car

The good news is that with this ride, you literally can coax your engine back to health!

Best Alternative vehicle… Ever

Alternative Vehicles, Alternative energy, Cool rides, Crazy Cars November 16th, 2010

OK, maybe not. but something to think about. You’ll get a couple miles to the gallon and most likely lose a great deal of weight!

Magnetic Powered Car

Alternative Vehicles, Alternative energy, Cool rides, concept cars November 16th, 2010

Alternative energy car

Alternative energy car designers seem to be hard at work creating the next cool car that can be run off pretty much anything. This one is really great, magnetic energy car. Now it is a bit small… but it uses magnetic energy, how cool is that?

The magnetic energy Concept car was designed by car designer, Harsha Vardha. Harsha thinks that cars could be manufactured using technology that no car manufaturer has ever tried, yep, magnetism.

The concept magnetic / electric powered car generates power in the form of electricity from magnetic fields and the power generated from those.

Eco Factor is the design, it’s a Zero emission concept car powered by a magnetic field that is converted into electricity to power the car.

Pretty cool…eeahhh