Check this 007 car out


It may be a bit hard to get in a car wreck in this baby… considering it may be surrounded in water. I wonder if anyone can ever find some affordable auto insurance for this auto.

remember thinking that the underwater car from Bond flick, ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, was just about as cool as anything could get without actually being ice. The fact that it was never real didn’t dim my enthusiasm one bit.

And now, we have a real one in the shape of the “sQuba” from Rinspeed, who’s CEO just happens to be a massive Bond fan. Touted as the ‘world’s first real submersible car’, the car goes on show at the Geneva Motor Show (March 6th – 16th).

Of course, the original engine had to be hauled out. It was replaced by three electric motors in the back – one for the roads and two driving the rotors for underwater driving. There are also a couple of Seabob jet drives inside the very cute rotating wing mirrors. The car has no roof because, well, having your passengers drown due to a roof manufacturing glitch is not the best publicity a concept car can get.

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