Energy Saving Homemede Washers

Home appliances, Home made gizmo, Washers, crazy gadget December 4th, 2008

In a time when everyone seems to be pushing for green appliances it may be time to re-evaluate one of the largest energy hogs in my home, the washer / dryer.

Now, I am sure there are some energy efficient models sold in every department store around the country, but just walking into a store and buying that shiny showcased appliance certainly isn’t as much fun as building one yourself. Homemade washing machine? sounds like fun.

And, who says it has to be some large techie project? check out this energy efficient clothing washer below. It needs no power, little water and runs on leg power. I’ll call this the  “good for your heart” model. Can’t beat that with a stick.

walking powered clothes washer

This one here, a bit more complex than the previous washer model above. A lot more work to build, but, you get a lot more washer. Also, you get more of a health benefit for using it since now you aren’t just walking to do the laundry, but cycling. The cool thing about this one is you no longer have to worry about your clothing shrinking in the laundry and not fitting you. Along with the shrinking clothes, you will also have a shrinking waistline. If you do laundry for a large family, you may have to sneak in a few cheeseburgers between loads to make sure that you don’t out-shrink than your clothing. The environment friendly washer below is also a dryer.

Check it out.

bicycle powered washing machine

If the above model is too complex, there is a scaled down version that is a washing machine only

Bicycle powered washer

World’s Largest Cruise Ship

Cool rides, Large Things December 4th, 2008

Yep, seems ship builders did in fact learn something from the Titanic…. If you wanna build the world’s largest ship, make sure it sails in tropical waters. That is exactly what Royal Caribbean plans on doing with the “floating city” it is building.

the oasis of the seas

The giant ship will be called “The Oasis of the Seas” and will accommodate 5400 guests plus 3000 crew. Now that’s more people than what occupy the city I live in.

Royal Caribbean  says the ship will have two 24 hour buffets and have 16 decks to hold the 2,700 state rooms they pan on having. The Oasis will be around 1200 ft. long, 154 ft. wide and come up 213 ft. above sea level. This ship is going to actually have neighborhoods that revolve around certain themes.

I found this chart for comparison of past giant vessels, btw, the Oasis will weigh 220, 000 tons


The infamous Titanic dwarfs in the midst of the Oasis of the seas.

Passenger / Military
1912 Titanic – White Star Line 46,328 tons 9 decks 3,000 people
1934 Queen Mary - Cunard 81,237 tons 12 3,131 1,019
1939 Bismark German-War Ship 50,000 tons  880 people
1962 Carrier Enterprise -US Navy 89,600 tons 5,830 people
1973 Carrier Nimitz - US Navy 97,000 tons 5,680 people1,092 134 30
1991 Monarch of the Seas - Royal Caribbean 73,941 tons 11 decks  2,350 people
2000 Explorer of the Seas - Royal Caribbean 138,000 tons 15 decks 3,114 people
2001 Adventure of the Seas - Royal Caribbean 138,000 tons  15 decks  3,114 people
2002 Brilliance of the Seas -Royal Caribbean 90,090 tons 13 decks  2,501 people
2004 Queen Mary 2 – Cunard 150,000 tons 23 decks 3,873 people
2006 Ultra-Voyager -  Royal Caribbean 160,000 tons  4000+people



Hopefully, Unlike previous monster ships, these guys will at least include enough life rafts for the 8000+ people aboard…. just in case the floating city needed an evacuation.

Air Car shows that air can be a gasoline alternative

Cool rides September 21st, 2008

Gas prices are still really high. I gotta say I am glad they came down a bit but where I live they are still around 4 bucks a gallon which makes filling up my 13 gallon car a bit expensive at 52 dollars. I hate bitching about the issue since I know many places in the world have been paying such prices for the last 10 years, but here in the U.S., we are not yet used to it.Europeans have always had smaller, more efficient cars and some have even come up with the air car. The air car is a car that is fuelled by compressed air. How cool is that? You would think a car running on air would be as fast or as sick as a donkey car, but seems the manufacturer says that they will go as fast as 68 MPH. Check out these air cars below.. 



The air car is made by Tata Motors, an Indian company, in collaboration with the French company MDI.  The production models will be sold in Europe and Australia. Seems they thought that bringing it to the U.S. would not be a great idea because of the lower speeds and power… maybe they need to reconsider that since the gas price issue hit the U.S.

The OneCAT, is supposed to be the first production model made for urban and rural driving specifically designed to be driven in congested cities and priced in the $5,100 to $7,800 range has a range of 125 miles before needing more air. Gas stations will have compressors and the charge about $2 per fill-up.




 This is the motor that powers the air car


Where do I get one?